Macro- backyard style

A friend of mine belongs to the garden club. She likes my flower pictures and really wants to come over and see my ‘flower beds’. So I say sure.( I am smiling here) I don’t really have flower beds. There are a few small sections with flowers that are outside the fenced in yard. This is to keep my flowers safe from my dog who likes to eat them. A few are planted in old grills . Of course I could purchase nice flower pots. But being on a budget…… 🙂


The really nice part about macro photography is that you can isolate your subject and not worry about the background. I use my 35mm macro lens for most of my macro shots. I like to get in really close. With in inches of the flowers.

Macro can also be done with a zoom lens.

Busy Bee

I used my 70-300mm lens to photograph the bee. I didn’t want to get that close to him! Of course a lot of insects won’t let you get that close before they take off.  When you saw the picture of the bee you thought what a cute picture of a bee inside a flower. Hopefully that is what you thought! You didn’t see the flower was planted in an old grill in front of an old garage with paint chipping off.
Later on my friend told me she expected to see rolling fields of flowers. We still laugh about that!
So now when she sees a flower picture she asks was that one in the grill? Yep it was!

To see more flower  pictures go to


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