Rainy Days

Weather is getting cooler, it’s raining a lot and winter will be here before we know it. Better pack up your camera gear and wait for warmer weather. No way! You can get some nice images in not so nice weather. But you must protect your gear. Rain and electronics don’t mix!

This day it was raining but it started to brighten up and it turned to a light sprinkle. I have been meaning to purchase a camera rain sleeve/cover but when the sun is shining you aren’t thinking about rain gear!

I did have a gallon size zip lock freezer bag. Here I have to recommend you getting a rain sleeve! But this will do in a pinch. Again it was a light rain.  So I cut a hole in the bag and slipped my lens through and covered my camera completely then I put my lens hood on. This will keep the rain from getting on your lens and help hold the bag in place.

You shouldn’t let a little rain stop you from heading out and shooting. Don’t forget to protect yourself from the elements as well. Grab your raincoat and get shooting!


There are many brands of rain sleeves and they vary in price. Do so some research and read reviews.  I am on a budget but wouldn’t use a sandwich baggie! I went for the heavy freezer bag 🙂 Off to research a real rain sleeve!


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