I Am Not a Traveler

Out For A Stroll

A lot of people travel to take photos. I am not a traveler. Plus we are on a budget! I have captured some really nice images just walking out my backdoor. Butterflies,flowers,bees,raindrops,ladybugs….the list goes on! About 3/4 of my images are taken in my backyard. Once you start looking you’ll be surprised at what you can find.

I spotted this ladybug walking on a leaf . I was able to get quite a few images before she flew off.

After a rain is my favorite time to shoot.

Daisy Reflecting in Rain Drops

I love to see what is reflecting in the rain drops.

(technically it is called refraction)

Or just  raindrops on the  subject can make a nice image also.

Dahlia With Rain Drops


I have just one butterfly bush and have had many visitors! The butterfly bush is planted right out side my kitchen window. I was slicing and dicing veggies for dinner when I saw this one. So I grabbed my camera and headed outside. Dinner was slightly delayed but did make it to the table:) Word of caution if you have something cooking on the stove turn the flame off before you head out. Cooking and taking pictures at the same time = pizza night!

I used my 70-300mm lens and external flash to freeze the motion. It was a little windy that day. The gray background is my house. Award winning photo maybe not but I like it!

So start looking around, grab your camera and start shooting!



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