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In a previous post you know I had almost lost all my images when my computer crashed (Images Lost… Almost). Once I got my computer back of course I backed up my images right away! I also got a new computer. In the process of transferring files to the new computer I was reviewing all my images. It was like a walk down memory lane. I remembered everything…  where and when I took the images who I was with ect. Funny how we remember! I saw the ones that I originally liked and saved . Then I saw some were still in the raw format (un edited).  So I decided to look at them before deleting. I thought hey these are nice.

In my mind I have an idea of what I want before I click the shutter button. So I take the pictures. Review the images and pick out the best ones and  delete the rest. For whatever reason I didn’t go back and delete these ones. I am glad I didn’t!

At the time I wanted a closer macro of the center of the Gerbera Daisy. Which I got so I would have deleted this one.

With the Star Gazer Lily at the time I liked the darker background better.  I would have hit the delete button on this one.

So I think I may change my work flow. Not to be so quick to delete! Pick out the ones I wanted to capture at that time. Let a little time pass then review again and see all the images with fresh eyes and an open mind. I think these are decent images. They could have been deleted because they weren’t what I saw in my mind at the time.

So grab your camera and get shooting! Review and review again before hitting the delete button!

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