Images Lost (Almost)

You know the saying………. it’s not If your computer is going to crash it is when!  I was backing up my images once a month to dvd’s and to an external hard drive so no worries right? Wrong!   I only had a few dvd’s left and my external hard drive was filling up. My plan was that coming weekend to clear off some space on the external hard drive , delete the pictures I didn’t like and buy some dvd’s.   Instead of doing that I was rushing to the computer shop. Carrying my computer tower like a baby being rushed to the ER!  Hoping the computer guy could save my images.  I had just taken a bunch of photos and they weren’t backed up. Then I thought when did I last back up?????? Turns out it had been a couple of months! Images for competitions I was going to enter, pictures of my family and friends,pictures I just took for fun…. could all be gone! It was a loooooooooooong couple of days waiting for the phone to ring. In the mean time I did run out and buy some dvd’s trying to be optimistic that all will be ok. Finally the call came… my images were saved! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! You know I am on a budget but I was being cheap and didn’t want to burn all those images and waste space on a dvd when I only had a couple left.

Telling my friend what happened I asked have you backed up your pictures? She said no my pictures are ” just snapshots”, you sell yours. That is true but I have pictures of family, friends,pets,my childhood that are ” just snapshots” and they are priceless to me. She says well I would still have memories. True. Then I tell her about  the picture I never got to take. My Gramma sitting on my sofa holding her cane while resting her chin on her hand. Just thinking and looking content. I will always have that picture in my mind and in my heart. But my son will never see it. So whether your pictures are just “snapshots” or hang in an art gallery back them up! Now in addition to the dvd’s and external hard drive my images automatically get uploaded to an online site. Even the “snapshots”. So grab your camera, get shooting and don’t forget to back them up!!!

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