Water Drops Evolution And Set Ups

Water drop photography has always fascinated me.



So every once in a while I pull out my camera and try to make a splash.



Each time hoping to improve my set up and get a few different kinds of drops.

My first try was about 6 years ago.

All I had was  a dripping kitchen faucet, some food coloring and my camera.

I was getting nice drops and crowns.

But that was all I was getting.

There is only so much you can do with a dripping faucet set up.

Plus we did got a new faucet so that was no longer an option.


Next I took a soda bottle added some plastic tubing and a brass valve to control the flow of the drops better.

I started using different liquids. Milk and coffee just to name a few. I also added external flashes and put colored gels over them.

At this point I still needed to learn a bit more about lighting.vszumigala-setup




My next set up was similar to the one above the only difference was instead of the soda bottle I used a IV drip. Ordered from an online vet supply store.

It did work well but the tube kept getting plugged up. The lighting is improving.


  I decided to buy the “Splash Art Water Drop Kit”. I am still learning the system and what it can truly do. You can release 2 drops vary the timing between drops and the size of the drops. Below are a few images made with the kit.


red and bluevszumigala-pink-reflectionsThe image below is called “Liquid Lady” Hard to believe it  is a water drop!

Grab your camera and get shooting!

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