My Orchids

I purchased my first orchid 6 years ago. Not knowing a thing about them. I did some research on how to care for them and over the years my collection has grown to 9 in total.

All of my orchids are Phalaenopsis or “Moth orchids”. They really aren’t that difficult to care for. Given the right amount of light, water, humidity, and fertilizer and they will reward you with beautiful blooms.

They come in a variety of colors.

I don’t label mine.(Some will cringe at this)  I like to wait for the first blooms to open and be surprised!

Right now I have 2 in spike (that is the orchid’s flower stalk) and 3 that are blooming.

So I decided to dust off my camera and get shooting.vszumigala-orchid-2



A while back I did a time-lapse video on a moth orchid opening. If you want to read that blog just click on the link below.

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