To Flash Or Not To Flash

As the days get colder and shorter it was nice to see a Lantana blooming in my little indoor green house.

So I decided to take a few comparison photos.

The greenhouse provided flourescent lighting and the background is black material that lines the bottom of the shelf.

All shot hand-held.

Olympus E620
35mm macro
iso 100
Ringflash 1/125

Olympus E620
35mm macro
iso 100
No Flash

 The ringflash image is sharp throughout.

While the one without flash has a blurred background and it seems warmer.

Each image is nice. I think it comes down to personal preference.

Recently I bought a new camera. So the for the heck of it I took another image.

Not bad for a point and shoot!

Kodak M5370
Close Up Mode
iso 100
No Flash

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