The Lily

Today it’s all about the Lilies. About 3 years ago I had a wide variety of lilies growing around my yard.

Then I  got my puppy. Turns out she liked gardening and flowers as much as I did.

I guess she enjoyed weeding and “helped” by digging and pulling most of them up for me!

As time passed my puppy has matured. She is 70lbs of pure delight and now has the discipline to just look and not touch my flowers!

So I am in the  process of building up my collection.

They do multiply rapidly so it won’t take long.

Yes the Day Lily only lasts one day!

But they do have many buds and bloom every few days for a continual show.

Orange Day Lily

Yellow Day Lily

Red Day Lily

The star of the Lilies of course is the Stargazer!

I purchased one of the mini versions.

And I also have the much bigger version.

Mini Stargazer


Stargazer Lily

To view the rest of the series Buds To Blooms

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