Bell Flowers And African Daisy

The Bellflower is a perennial.

New to my flower garden this year.

When it first blooms the bell shape blooms stand tall and reaches for the sky!

After a gentle rain the bells fill up and hold the water.

Like a little tea-cup.






As it ages the bells bend down.

Looking very pretty either way!

Some annuals go in the perenial beds.

Just to make things a little different each year.

This year I planted African Daisy’s.

They come in a variety of colors.

This year I chose the lavender.

They are planted by the bell flowers.

Two very different flowers but I think go well together.




All my flowers are blooming so nice this year despite the lack of rain.

So many flowers.

So little time.

Better grab my camera and get shooting!

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2 thoughts on “Bell Flowers And African Daisy

  1. Very very pretty Vickie, your flowers are doing quite well. Ours…not s good. The extreme heat has taken its toll. Excellent shots and I was trying to pick a favorite, but I can’t decide.

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