Columbine and Impatients…. Buds To Blooms


Last year I purchased a mixed pack of Columbine plants. They were planted late and they were just babies.

So I knew they wouldn’t bloom until this year.

The plant grew tall and to my delight one of the flowers was lavender.

The flowers look so fragile but the plant is actually very sturdy.




But they do move with the slighted breeze which is why I used my ringflash to freeze the motion allowing me to get a sharp image of the center of the flower.

70-300mm lens at 149mm F13 Ringflash





The winds finally calmed down and I was able to capture the final image with natural light.





The highlights and colors in the background are other flowers that are blurred out due to the f5 aperture and with the 1/40 shutter speed it let in enough light for you to see them.


Some would say they are distracting and take away from the image. It is different but I kind of like it.



In the first image the flash/shutter  is  so fast  it lets in less light making the background dark.




Double impatients aren’t very tall plants. So shooting these had me right on the ground.


They are nice in a hanging basket but not over a patio area.

They are a bit of a messy flower.

The spent blooms fall and just cover the ground all around the plant.






And as fast as they fall new ones open. So they just keep going and going!


They remind me of mini roses.








To view the rest of the series Buds to Blooms

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