One Lovely Blog Award

Very nice surpise I got when checking my email this morning.

I received the “One Lovely Blog Award”

The rules….. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their site.

Share 7 things about me.

Pass on the award to 10 other bloggers. And be sure to notify them.

So a big thanks to Kevin for the nomination. You can view his blog at


7 things about me. Now this is the hard part! But here goes…

1. Macro photography love it! No big surprise there.

2. I was recently invited to become a charter member of a new group.  The “Photographic Arts Society of Northwestern Pennsyvania”. That was quite an honor!

3. Started a new job. Working at a local greenhouse. Seeing all the pretty flowers and  not buying all of them is very difficult.

4. Gardening . I have an indoor garden I grow year round. Plus I have my outdoor summer garden. Square foot gardening,earthboxes,in the ground with an irrigation system and of course my flowerbeds!

5. I enjoy cooking. I also make homemade salsa and a variety of pickles. Canning them for winter. I have to hide a few jars from my guys  so we have enough to make it through the winter.

6. Water fountains. I have a couple. For me there is nothing more peaceful than sitting out back listening to the fountains, looking at my flowers and watching my garden grow.  Until my dogs start barking and running around telling me it is play time. Which of course I enjoy as well!

7. I enjoy reading. But as you can see I don’t have a lot of time for that!


Now the nominations. Not in any particular order.

So be sure and visit these sites. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do!





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