Jumbo Yellow Buds To Blooms

Bracteantha yep that is its name.

Well I can’t pronounce it either. We’ll go with “Jumbo Yellow”.

This is a new addition to my 2012 flower beds.  I figured I would take a couple snapshots write a  blog and be done.

But this little flower has so many stages  opening and closing.  I just kept shooting!

After the rainThe pedals have a lot of texture. They feel like paper!

After watering thought I would take a few pictures. Look at the image below.

The flower started to close up. Guessing it doesn’t like to get wet!

Here you can really see the texture and stiffness of the pedals.

They really do feel like paper.There you have it Jumbo Yellow from Buds To Blooms.

Olympus E620 and Olympus 35mm lens.

The last image I used my Olympus 70-300mm lens.

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5 thoughts on “Jumbo Yellow Buds To Blooms

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