Lantana…. Buds To Blooms

Well it is that time of year again!   Lots of flowers blooming in my flower beds. So it was time to dust off my camera and get shooting!

I will be posting a few different flowers in the up coming weeks. Photographing the different stages of developement. From buds to blooms.

First up is “Lantana” a perennial flower in the verbena family.

The first thing I noticed was how interesting this flower looked before it was in full bloom. To start it is very flat with tiny different colored square shapes.

Over the next few days the little squares deepened in color

and  they started popping open.

It just kept popping

until finally it was in full bloom.

We had a few storms so it is a bit rough around the edges.

But still a unique little beauty!

All images taken with the Olympus E620 camera and Olympus 35mm macro lens.

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