Time Lapse Just For Fun

My Phalaenopsis or “Moth Orchid” put up a flower spike quite a while ago. I am talking months ago!  I have been waiting patiently for the little blooms! This orchid only blooms once a year. So you can understand my excitement when I noticed  the blossom was getting fat and could open at anytime.

I quickly set up my camera on the tripod and plugged in the shutter release cable/ timer. Placed a couple reflectors and headed out to meet my friend for lunch. I got home a few hours later and nothing! I kept watch all day  and into the evening. I had to work the next day so I popped in a fresh battery and went to bed.

I saw my son in the morning. He said hey I thought you were up. I saw the light on, heard your camera and was talking to you. Then I looked in and realized your camera was “hooked up”.  I just laughed…..sorry son!

But isn’t technology great.

Upon inspection the orchid had opened up part way! But sometime between 5:30 AM when my son got home (he works 3rd shift) and me getting up at 7:30 AM my battery died! ARG!!!!!! I put in a new battery and checked the last image.

The orchid had opened enough that there would be a big jump in the time-lapse video. Crap!

What to do…. just stop and hope to catch another bloom or continue and start the video with the bloom part way open??? It has been a while since I have done anything photography wise.  So I decided to keep clicking away and hope my battery would last until it had opened fully. Off to work I went.

Upon returning home sure enough the orchid had bloomed!! Now to check the camera and see if the batteries had lasted until the end. I put in fresh batteries and YEAH! The image I saw was the orchid opened up completely!!!! YES 🙂

Told my hubby I’ll start dinner in a few seconds I just want to download these images to the computer. Of course he knows I will be more than “just a few seconds”. What a nice guy!

In all I had 94 images to put together to make the video. Next time I hope to capture this event from beginning to end.

But it was fun to be able to see this beautiful orchid open!

I would have missed it all since I was sleeping and at work while all the action was taking place!

To view the video click here

I will be posting images of this orchid very soon go to www.vickieszumigala.com


4 thoughts on “Time Lapse Just For Fun

  1. Wow way cool idea. I have to go inside to watch the video on the other computer…I’m outside with the pups on the laptop and it needs a newer version of flash player. I’ll keep you posted!

    • Thanks David! The brand is called Shoot shutter release cable with a timer. Picked it up on ebay. Cheap in price but works well. Now I just need to get the timing right with my batteries!

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