Blooms In Winter

Went to my basement to do some laundry and found my Passion Flower “Lady Margaret” had bloomed! Not just one but two blooms. This set up is an “over the winter” home. Just to keep the plants alive until spring so they can be taken back outside. They weren’t supposed to bloom!

Of course I run to get my camera. These blooms only last for about 24 hours and since it was late in the day I had to hustle!  This wasn’t going to be easy. This plant is big so I can’t just move it around. It’s winter home is a converted work bench. ( I also garden on a budget)  It has shop lights,aluminum foil and a silver car windshield reflector to bounce more light on the plants. Good for the plants but it doesn’t make a nice background. 

I used my 70-300mm lens and my  flash. Getting both blooms in focus was a challenge and the background wasn’t nice at all. Since I couldn’t move the plant I decided to zoom in on one bloom and have the angle so the leaves of the plant beside it would be the background. After a few shots I realized the leaves were just too much in focus. So I changed the aperture to a F5 this made the leaves out of focus and a nicer background.

I changed my lens to the 35mm to get this macro image. Not the best angle but I didn’t have a lot of room to work. I wanted to capture the interesting/complex structure of this amazing flower.

This sure was  nice to see  on a cold gloomy winter’s day! So have your batteries charged ….. grab your camera and get shooting!


2 thoughts on “Blooms In Winter

  1. Thanks David. I just purchased these this past summer. So this was my first time over wintering them. I was just hoping they would survive so the bloom was a real treat!

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