Smoke and Mirrors

inverted image

Well ok just smoke. Haven’t tried shooting smoke images for a while. Decided to give it a try once again! So I headed off to the dollar store and bought some incense. 40 sticks for just one dollar!  I also picked up some batteries for my flash.  I set everything up in a draft free dark area. Used the external flash for back lighting the smoke. Placed a black background and  lit the incense.( I also had  a flashlight so I could see and focus on the smoke.) You could also use a table lamp. Pretty simple right?

hue and saturation adjustment

It really isn’t that hard.  One thing to watch out for is lens flare from your flash. I made a few adjustments and started shooting! I got a few decent shots.  Once the images were on the computer I decided to play with the hue and saturation. Change an image to a black and white by inverting it. And to get something really different I copied layers  added to the canvas  to get the image below.

copy rotate layers hue and saturation adjustments

You may want to stop and let the smoke clear in between shots. So grab your camera and get shooting!


6 thoughts on “Smoke and Mirrors

  1. My son & I played around with this when I was visiting him in Jan. Great idea! Had a few good smoke trails. Entered in our photo club competition–received a 26. Thanks for the tips.

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