Fun With Food Coloring And Strawberries

yellow and blue make green

Had a day off from work and  dusted off my camera gear. Decided to set up a few off camera flashes  and play. Just have fun and see if I get anything good. I don’t know a whole lot about lighting. I just move the flashes around until I see what I like. But I did know that you shouldn’t aim a flash at glass or you will get glare and blown out spots.

All images were shot with  the same set up. Back lit with an off camera flash and some side lighting. I used my remote trigger I got from Ebay to fire one flash and the others had optical sensors built-in so they fired. I also used my shutter release cable that I purchased recently. ( For that story see my post time-lapse photography tropical hibiscus) I used a short flash duration to freeze the motion.


The strawberry took some work in the timing of dropping the strawberry and

pushing the shutter release cable. I tried it with setting the camera with  a few second delay and then dropping the strawberry. But had better luck with pushing the shutter release and dropping at the same time. A lot of shots a few keepers. Oh ya have a towel handy for clean up!

The images with food coloring were a bit of a challenge also. You only have a few seconds before the colors all merge together. Go empty the glass  set up the shot refocus put in the drops and start shooting! Repeat repeat repeat! All in all it was a fun day and I am pleased with the images I got. How was this on a budget? Well I just used what I had in my house. No extra purchases required! Well except for the batteries for the flashes they do drain quickly! I went to the dollar store 🙂


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