Water Drops

Emerald Drops

       How To Photograph Water Drops

Capturing images of water drops with off  camera flash, a fancy drip timer and an infrared sensor…

Heck no I can’t afford all that!

(Remember this is photography on a budget)

I used on camera flash , a leaking kitchen faucet, a bowl and you guessed it my milk jug diffuser!

(see photography on a budget milk jug diffuser)

The image Emerald Drops was made by adding a small amount of water and green food coloring to a bowl.

Set your camera to manual focus. Place the bowl under the dripping faucet, focus on the drips, pop your flash and start shooting!

You may end up shooting hundreds of images to get just a few keepers. But that is what makes it fun and more rewarding when you GET THE SHOT! Depending on the depth of the water you can capture different shape drops. Crown  less water, cone shape more water.


Olympus E330,
35mm macro Lens with milk jug diffuser attached
ISO 200
1/80 sec
Flash 1/16 power

Be very careful when using your equipment around water!

Golden is coffee and water



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