Photography On A Budget: Milk Jug Diffusser

First Bloom ISO 100 F/18 1/320 Sec

Who wants a ring flash to go with that macro lens? I do, I do!  When I first started photography I couldn’t afford one.  But you don’t need the latest photo equipment to make a nice image. Of course you still want the latest equipment:)

The rose photo above was taken with my Olympus camera,35mm macro lens, on camera flash and a milk jug diffuser.
The diffuser allows you to illuminate your subject with a nice even light without blowing out your subject or causing harsh shadows.

To make the diffuser get a  translucent milk jug and cut it so it is higher than your flash. Trace the size of your lens and cut the hole so it fits snugly on the end.

If your image is to bright adjust  down the power of your flash. That’s it!

So while you are saving for that ring flash make yourself a milk jug diffuser and get shooting!

The rose image above  was shot in my backyard with a milk jug diffuser. It won 1st  place in the Erie Photography Club Year End Competition 2010.

Camera with a milk jug diffuser attached

A ring flash is a circular photographic flash that fits around the lens, especially for use in macro (or close-up) photography. Its most important characteristic is providing even illumination with few shadows visible in the photograph


4 thoughts on “Photography On A Budget: Milk Jug Diffusser

  1. Hi Vickie,
    Just looked at you photo on your website and I was blown away, and the fact that you are self taught with only 8 yrs experience. This is the kind of photography I aspire too, thanks a million,
    kind regards,
    Richard Thompson.

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